Governance Models

We are developing a roadmap on deciding how to run this platform. The community is the centerpiece of the platform, so people will need to be consulted in that decision.

We are confident that the site can be run without needing to seek mandatory payments from users, however this will require community involvement at several levels as volunteer work.

We will need developers, designers, UI/UX engineers, and all kinds of people experienced with community non-profits. On the community side we will need hosts, surfers and community organizers that will help in setting the direction. In the coming weeks we will expand to include more of these people, and grow this network with their guidance and expertise. If you would like to help out, please fill in the sign up form!

Volunteers will be needed to perform moderation tasks. Tasks may include moderating forums and reviewing messages that have been tagged as inappropriate.


There are many potential ways to structure this project. We have listed a few examples below, but will ultimately consult with the community as this is a critical decision in guaranteeing the longevity of the organization.


Members may optionally purchase ownership of the platform as a one-off expense or subscription. These members will be able to vote on parts of the platform such as leadership and key decisions.

Local democracy

Each local community (e.g. town, city, country) elects a committee to manage the region. The responsibilities may include running community events, moderating local issues and advertising locally for new hosts/members. Representatives from these local committees will work together to guide the global community.

This model could be implemented at various scales, such as regional and country committees.

Board structure

All members may vote for board members who direct the platform.

Have some thoughts or ideas on how we could make this even better? is a community project, built by folks like you for the benefit of the global couch-surfing community. If you would like to be a part of this great new project, or leave your feedback on our ideas, click the button below and fill out the short form.

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