Couchers, Inc.

The project is supported by Couchers, Inc. worldwide, and the Foundation in Australia. Both organizations are non-profits formed for the exclusive purpose of furthering the project.

Couchers, Inc. (Worldwide)

Couchers, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization incorporated in the State of Florida in the United States and operates the service and project.

You can find the details of Couchers, Inc. through the IRS Tax Exempt Organization Search: our EIN (tax number) is 87-1734577. This information is also on GuideStar.

You can also find our details on the Florida Department of State website, and check our Solicitation of Contributions registration on the Florida Check-A-Charity page, our registration number is CH66240.

Donations to Couchers, Inc., including through our donation page are tax exempt to the full extent of the law. Foundation (Australia)

The project is also supported by the Foundation, a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee for charitable purposes based in New South Wales, Australia. The Foundation supports the project financially and operationally.

The constitution of Foundation includes a not-for-profit clause, meaning that the foundation can't sell its surplus assets to a for-profit company, and cannot itself change into an entity that is not a not-for-profit.

You can search for registration details on the Australian Securities and Investments Commission register. We have an Australian Business Number of 20 643 340 309, which you can find on the Australian Business Registrer. The Australian Company Number is 643 340 309.

You can read more about the two non-profit organizations on the blog post announcing Couchers, Inc..