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We are all couch surfers and skilled professionals who want to build an improved, safer and more inclusive platform that can support and sustainably grow the couch surfing community and bring its values to the world. If you feel the same way and want to contribute, then we'd love to talk to you.

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Headshot of Aapeli Vuorinen

Aapeli Vuorinen

Co-founder, Board Director


New York City, USA

Headshot of Itsi Weinstock

Itsi Weinstock

Co-founder, Board Director

Executive Director

New York City, USA

Headshot of Andrea Woodard

Andrea Woodard

Board Director

Orlando, USA

Headshot of Jesse Allhands

Jesse Allhands

Head of Community & Support

Berlin, Germany

Headshot of Farley Farley

Farley Farley

Head of Product

New Plymouth, New Zealand

Headshot of Dominic Nayan

Dominic Nayan

UI/UX Design Lead

Boston, USA

Headshot of Lucas Levin

Lucas Levin

Frontend (Web) Development Lead

Melbourne, Australia

Headshot of Mariana Baroni

Mariana Baroni

Translations Lead


Headshot of Hamish Fagg

Hamish Fagg

Backend Developer

Hastings, New Zealand

Headshot of Darren Vong

Darren Vong

Frontend Developer

London, United Kingdom

Headshot of Claudio Costa

Claudio Costa

Translations Lead

Valencia, Spain

Headshot of Yi Chen

Yi Chen

Digital Marketer

Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Headshot of Emily Damgali

Emily Damgali

Community Engagement

Istanbul, Turkey

Headshot of Ben Weiner

Ben Weiner

Email Marketer

Shenzhen, China

Headshot of Guillermo de la Puente

Guillermo de la Puente

Frontend Developer

Traveling, Earth

Headshot of Nolo Sabes

Nolo Sabes

Community Forum Designer

Las Palmas, Spain

Headshot of Inbar Atias

Inbar Atias

UX Designer


Headshot of William Ginsberg

William Ginsberg

Frontend Developer

Toronto, Canada

Headshot of Han Chengyu

Han Chengyu

Language Lead: Chinese (Simplified)

Hangzhou, China

Headshot of Sam Treiger

Sam Treiger

Backend Developer

Seattle, USA

Headshot of Sam Nuñez

Sam Nuñez

Grants Specialist


Headshot of Marta Zaczek

Marta Zaczek

UX and Graphic Designer

Wrocław, Poland

Headshot of Miuriel Feliks Kochva

Miuriel Feliks Kochva

UX & Graphic designer

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Headshot of Paulo Carlos

Paulo Carlos

UX Designer

Vancouver, Canada

Headshot of Inés


Frontend Developer

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Headshot of Jesús Olano

Jesús Olano

Frontend Developer


Headshot of Omer Baddour

Omer Baddour

Backend Developer

New York City, USA

Headshot of Jakub Szwedo

Jakub Szwedo

UX Designer

Poznań, Poland

Headshot of Thomas Dekiere

Thomas Dekiere

Frontend Developer

Ghent, Belgium

Headshot of Zlata Veresniak

Zlata Veresniak

UX/UI Designer

Wrocław, Poland

Headshot of Julia Evteeva

Julia Evteeva

UX Designer

Vancouver, Canada

Headshot of Krzysztof Kosecki

Krzysztof Kosecki

Frontend Developer

Kraków, Poland

Headshot of Max Vuorinen

Max Vuorinen

Graphic Designer

Helsinki, Finland

Headshot of Martina Ferrari

Martina Ferrari

Community Structure Designer

Dublin, Ireland

Headshot of Lennart van Laake

Lennart van Laake

Backend Developer

Arnhem, Netherlands

Headshot of Sherri Cui

Sherri Cui

Frontend Developer

Ancona, Italy

Headshot of Val Natanelov

Val Natanelov

Strategic Advisor

Brisbane, Australia

Headshot of Mindy Curtis

Mindy Curtis

Graphic Designer

Los Angeles, USA

Headshot of Vincent Rouilhac

Vincent Rouilhac

Frontend Developer

Normandy, France

Headshot of Colin Ashby

Colin Ashby

Digital Marketer

Houston, USA

Headshot of Henri Vuorinen

Henri Vuorinen

Backend Developer

Helsinki, Finland

Headshot of Janis Lesinskis

Janis Lesinskis

Backend Developer

Melbourne, Australia

Headshot of Marlies Iserlohe

Marlies Iserlohe

Community Outreach

Copenhagen, Denmark

Headshot of Marco de Wit

Marco de Wit

Frontend Developer

London, United Kingdom

Have skills you want to contribute? is a community project, built by folks like you for the benefit of the global couch surfing community. If you would like to be a part of this great new project, or leave your feedback on our ideas, click the button below and fill out the short form.

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