The team

We are all couch surfers. Hosts, surfers, community members and community leaders who are putting in our time and skills to bring this project to life! Our team is made of dozens of designers, software engineers, data scientists, digital marketers, and other skilled professionals; with the team's couch surfing experience going back to the early 2000s.

The team spans every continent (except Antarctica, sorry penguins), and although many of us have only met in the last few months, what brings us together is that we've all gotten a lot of joy out of couch surfing and would like to spend our time making that experience better. We want to build an improved, safer and more inclusive platform that can support and sustainably grow the couch surfing community and bring its values to the world. If you feel the same way and you'd like to contribute, then we'd love to talk to you.

We are actively looking for people to join the team. We need a broad range of experiences, expertise, and cultural backgrounds. Please consider joining us, whether you have skills, ideas, complaints, or just want to see this done right.

Positions available

At the moment, we are specifically looking for:

  • Senior UI/UX manager
  • Digital marketers
  • Branding and graphic designers
  • Frontend engineers (especially with skills in React and TypeScript)
  • Backend engineers (we work in Python)

If you think you could help in other ways, we'd still love to hear from you!

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Who we are

We have dozens of people on the team, here are a few friendly faces

Headshot of Itsi

Itsi Weinstock

Community Team Lead

Sydney, Australia

Headshot of Aapeli

Aapeli Vuorinen

Dev Team Lead

New York City, USA

Headshot of Emily

Emily Damgali

Community Engagement

Kaitaia, New Zealand

Headshot of Keni

Keni Teh

Graphic Designer


Headshot of Lucas

Lucas Levin

Head of Frontend

London, United Kingdom

Headshot of Darren

Darren Vong

Frontend Developer

London, United Kingdom

Headshot of Jakub

Jakub Szwedo

UX Designer

Poznań, Poland

Headshot of Miuriel

Miuriel Feliks Kochva

Head of Graphic Design & UX designer

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Headshot of Dom

Dominic Nayan

Head of UX

Louisville, USA

Headshot of Paulo

Paulo Carlos

UX Designer

Vancouver, Canada

Headshot of Marta

Marta Zaczek

UX and Graphic Designer

Wrocław, Poland


Headshot of Nolo


Community Forum

Las Palmas, Spain

Headshot of Inés


Frontend Developer

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Headshot of Jesse

Jesse Allhands

UX Designer

Madison, USA

Headshot of Omer

Omer Baddour

Backend Developer

New York City, USA

Headshot of Thomas

Thomas Dekiere

Frontend Developer

Ghent, Belgium

Headshot of Zlata

Zlata Veresniak

UX/UI Designer

Wrocław, Poland


Headshot of Julia

Julia Evteeva

UX Designer

Vancouver, Canada

Headshot of Krzysztof

Krzysztof Kosecki

Frontend Developer

Kraków, Poland


Headshot of Max

Max Vuorinen

Graphic Designer

Helsinki, Finland

Headshot of Tina

Martina Ferrari

Community Structure Designer

Dublin, Ireland

Headshot of Lennart

Lennart van Laake

Backend Developer

Arnhem, Netherlands


Headshot of Sam

Sam Treiger

Backend Developer

Seattle, USA

Headshot of Sherri

Sherri Cui

Frontend Developer

Ancona, Italy

Headshot of Val

Val Natanelov

Strategic Advisor

Brisbane, Australia


Headshot of Mindy

Mindy Curtis

Graphic Designer

Los Angeles, USA

Headshot of Jesús

Jesús Olano

Frontend Developer



Headshot of Vincent

Vincent Rouilhac

Frontend Developer

Normandy, France

Headshot of Colin

Colin Ashby

Digital Marketer

Houston, USA

Headshot of Henri

Henri Vuorinen

Backend Developer

Helsinki, Finland

Headshot of Janis

Janis Lesinskis

Backend Developer

Melbourne, Australia

Headshot of Marlies

Marlies Iserlohe

Community Outreach

Copenhagen, Denmark

Marlies Iserlohe

Headshot of Marco

Marco de Wit

Frontend Developer

London, United Kingdom

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Have skills you want to contribute? is a community project, built by folks like you for the benefit of the global couch surfing community. If you would like to be a part of this great new project, or leave your feedback on our ideas, click the button below and fill out the short form.

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