Backend Developer

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Position Description

This is a remote position is seeking one or two additional backend developers to increase the pace of development and assist in a backend pivot to a Django framework. While we are seeking experienced engineers, we will also consider interns and junior developers who have baseline skills and can commit their time after necessary training.

The codebase is open-sourced under an MIT license and we accept occasional contributions, however, we are looking for some dedicated volunteers who can join the formal backend team and make a commitment of 5+ hours per week.

We pride ourselves on good documentation, ease of contribution, and ability for contributors to make large impacts. You will be working alongside experienced professionals who are motivated to develop their skills, meet other professionals, and develop this critical platform for the couch surfing community.


  • Developing and expanding features;
  • Debugging, documentation, and testing;
  • Pivoting backend to Django framework;
  • Implementing some data pipelines to assist with key measurements for the organization's goals;
  • Working with the frontend and UX teams to design and implement features;


  • Experience with writing tested, production-grade Python and Django;
  • Experience with Git and GitHub;


  • Good understanding of REST APIs;
  • Experience with React and Typescript for occasional frontend implementation;
  • Experience with PostgreSQL and SQLAlchemy;


  • At least 5 hours per Week
  • 3 months commitment


  1. Fill out this form. Under "Position Applying For", put "Backend Developer".

  2. We'll review and get back to you as soon as possible — setting up a Zoom call so we can get to know you and you can meet the team.

  3. After accepting the position, we'll send you some volunteer agreements and then get you onboarded with the people you're going to directly work with.