Head of Marketing

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Position Description

This is a remote position

As Marketing Lead, you’ll lead a team to market the Couchers.org brand to a global audience of both experienced and new couch surfers. You should have experience in developing cohesive marketing strategies spanning product or service-based digital marketing, public relations, content marketing, and social media management.


  • Plan, present, implement, and manage marketing strategy to sustainably grow the number of users globally;
  • Set marketing goals and objectives;
  • Lead a team to execute the marketing strategy;
  • Understand potential users, competition, and market segments;
  • Develop product positioning, value proposition, and messaging that differentiates our offer to our key target audiences;
  • Drive our acquisition funnels and monitor relevant metrics;
  • Recognize trends, troubleshoot issues, and proactively identify opportunities to accelerate growth;
  • Use data and reports to make evidence-based decisions;
  • Other projects/duties as assigned by the executive director/board.

Skills and Experience

An ideal candidate would have the following skills:

  • Deep knowledge of the digital marketing, public relations, and social media strategies, and how they relate to community userbases;
  • Proven leadership skills and at least one year experience in managing a marketing team, preferably in a global/remote setting;
  • Experience in marketing a product or a service globally using digital strategies;
  • Experience with Google Ads and relevant analytics;
  • Excellent communication and organizational skills;
  • Ability to transform knowledge and experience into insight and strategy.


  • 5-10 hours per week
  • Meet Key Performance Indicators (KPI) outlined in the Growth Strategy of the organization
  • Minimum 6 month commitment


  1. Fill out this form. Under "Position Applying For", put "Head of Marketing".

  2. We'll review and get back to you as soon as possible — setting up a Zoom call so we can get to know you and you can meet the team.

  3. After accepting the position, we'll send you some volunteer agreements and then get you onboarded with the people you're going to directly work with.