Hosting refugees and finding shelter with


In light of recent conflict, we strongly encourage people with means in nearby countries to temporarily host refugees and displaced people in their homes. is a nonprofit organization that normally facilitates people staying at each others homes for free while traveling. During this time, we hope that can be used to facilitate the temporary housing of refugees as well.

You do not need to have previously participated with our organisation, or need to in the future.


We have sent an email to all of our members asking them to provide temporary housing to people currently affected by war.

Resources for how to help and donate

Further resources for refugees

If you wish to host refugees

Please sign up for an account on Your approximate location will be displayed on a map for people to find you. Please edit your profile to prominently indicate in the "Who I am" section that you will be accepting refugees to stay in your home. Fill out your profile to the best of your ability.

If someone wishes to stay with you, you will receive an email alert. You will then be able to discuss on the platform or exchange numbers to work out the terms of the accommodation.

You will not be able to request payment for staying, and anyone who does so will be removed.

If you are a refugee or temporarily displaced person.

Please sign up for an account, and fill out your profile to the best of your ability. Prominently indicate that you are fleeing a war zone and requesting help.

Once you have created an account, search for hosts here.

We cannot guarantee how long people will house you for. Some may be able to for a couple of days, some for much longer. It is up to you to discuss with whoever you request to stay with.

If you have any issues please contact

We wish you the best and hope for your safety. Please know there are people out there who want to help you.

Published on 2022/03/13.